I decided to enter the Bradford competition to build my confidence and to have the opportunity to display my work for others to analyse. 

My first board presents my development in using nature to inform my designs in my well-being project. Involving first hand imagery, a detailed tree painting, incised plastic plate for dry-point, and my dry-point prints onto paper, I was able to create a collection of visuals that reflects my ideas successfully.  

I hand stamped the labels which I found optimised my presentation skills and to added to the aesthetic.

My second board presents the final digital print from my dry-point experiments. This board also indicates how the print could be used in the fashion industry in my contextual visualisations.

This board does the print justice with its simple layout, allowing the print to provide the attention.

My third board for the Bradford competition illustrates my ideas and colour investigations towards my future fashion project; Involving inspirational imagery, detailed paintings, and initial design concepts.

As my project was inspired by many concepts and even artist inspiration, it was 

Important that I entered a board that communicates the complexity to my idea, I found that this board did this.

My last board presents my future fashions final outcome. As my piece is 3D and involves movement, I found it challenging to find a suitable way of displaying it. I decided to stitch the strap to the board, attach string to tie the body in place when it’s not in use and involve a ‘pull’ instruction for the viewers. 

To provide context, the board involves contextual visualisations, demonstrating what piece looks like worn on the body. 

I feel that my work was displayed in the best way possible and the board supports the innovative identity of the project.

Although I did not win in this competition, I am glad that I entered as it grew my confidence and developed my skills in laying out my work, communicating my thoughts and journey until the final outcome. For the future, I will look into entering more competition to build more on my confidence and hopefully get my work recognised.