Once briefed, it was time to get together as a group and start our creative process. 

To start the process, we decided to come up with the contexts that our designs could be used on; Seating, travel kits, pillows, blankets, uniforms, toilet surfaces, flooring, food packaging, luggage tags and tickets, duty free merchandise and flight socks. We found that this initial investigation of thoughts got us excited.

Next we thought about the colour pallet. In our quick investigation into the brand, we decided as a group that we would keep to red white and blue as it blue stems from the pridefulness of being a British brand, and the colours speak quality. However in keeping it primarily the same, we agreed to play around with some accent colours depending on the class within the planes attire. 

Having made our initial decisions and coming up with some ideas, we made a presentation that we presented to the rest of our class. In doing this we quickly learnt that we were thinking too much about the products, rather then the prints themselves. It was clear to me that we had to stop this before we became too subsided.