In researching placement opportunities, I came across the work of Carol Lake. Enticed by her beautiful and realistic floral paintings, I was eager to get in touch. 

After an exchange of phone calls and emails, we arranged a date to meet in her studio. 

Once greeted delightfully by Carol, I took a seat and we had a conversation which I never wanted to end.

Learning about her ‘journey’ was undoubtedly inspiring and I got a real sense of pureness when she explained her struggles and accomplishments. Carol was part of a collective of self-employed interior design business called Artisan. Taking turns traveling to countries like New York to take their designs on paper to showrooms. Designers would buy her designs and the copyright to them so that they could use them in their collections. 

However this came with the unfortunate lack of appreciation for her talents as companies would fail to involve her name and take credit for her designs. This influenced her decision to go independent, after learning and growing as a print designer. She now spends her time painting and selling her fabrics in her beautiful shop which is attached to her studio. 

In addition to talking though her journey, how the textile industry has changed and her inspirations, carol answered my own questions and gave me lots of advice to take forward myself. 

Carol also talked through her work and evidenced where her most successful work has been used, including the prints above used in the TV series ‘Friends’ and ‘Sex and the City’. 

Meeting with Carol was one of the most inspiring experiences I have had the privilege to engage in. Learning about her experiences, how the industry has changed, how she prints her designs now, understanding what inspires her, advice on working with well-known designers, copy right, setting up and selling in her own Business, and getting the right balance of doing what you love and doing what has to be done are just a few points I will take forward in my own textile journey.

We agreed to meet again with my own work to show, both excited to do so. I am thrilled to have made the connection with Carol.