Understanding what role I have in a group project is very important for my progression and development in the design process. It also allows the rest of my team to understand each others roles and to work together using our individual strengths. 

My role within my collaboration project is to make sure that myself and my other team mates meet the needs of the brief but also making sure that everyone thinks outside of the box to get the most interesting outcomes. I understand that this project aims to push us outside of our comfort zones and I am willing to let this shine in our group.

Additionally, I am very lucky to come form a background of graphic designers - my dad having his own graphic design business and my twin brother currently studying graphic design in NUA. Graphic design relies heavily on thinking outside the box, especially in a clever way. Their work always has meaning behind it and they also understand the importance of keeping to a brand Identity. Having gown up with this, I am very keen to apply this to my own work, especially within this project, and hope to encourage my other team mates to do so too.