Working in groups is always going to oppose disagreements and conflicting ideas. Throughout the BA2b unit I have developed my communication and teamwork skills. 

Working with fashion students was a little harder then I expected. Having little experience in garment shapes and constructing outfits and without even a little explanation into the fashion ideas, it was easy to get lost in the industries terminology. Having said that, I used my communication skills to urge the need of explanation for myself and my textile group members.

Additionally, the need to know measurements was a little stressful. Without the correct measurements to work with, the weave, knit and print could not be started as they would not have accomplished the right fit. I also believe the understanding of the time it takes to undergo these techniques was underestimated from the fashion students in failing to to efficiently deliver us with the measurements needed to get us started. 

Having said this, working with new people, especially from other courses, has been eye opening and thought provoking. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing my prints being made into garments but will consider the complications in communication and the lacked understanding of textiles processes into consideration in the future.  I conjecture that this could could made better with experience.