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Molly Brown Textile and Surface Design


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I have found that research provides a great importance in developing my understanding and helping me to produce the most successful outcomes in the future. On this page, you will find information behind who and what inspires me, and the research I have gathered to help me in my university projects.

BA3a Anatomy of pattern book

A key part in a successful design is its composition and structure. I visited the library after a tutor advertised her love for the book "Anatomy of pattern". After reading, I know I will refer back to this book throughout the project and in future

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BA3a - London transport seat designs

The design for the Crossrail Aero trains by Jonathan Sothcott. It incorporated a very 80s broken-up design that had the feel of graffitiThe art deco design of 1972, used on the Jubilee and Bakerloo linesThe arresting Yellow Pages design that adorned

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BA3a Decoding and understanding islamic pattern

Geometric patterns make up one of the three non figural types of decoration in Islamic art, which also include calligraphy and vegetal patterns. Whether isolated or used in combination with nonfigural ornamentation or figural representation,

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BA3a - Mirus branding

ABOUT MIRUSMirus is an independent applied technology business based in Norfolk, UK. Founded in 2015 by Phil Hall and Ben McGuire, Mirus brings together technologies, expertise and best practices from Formula 1, automotive and aerospace sectors.

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BA3a Inspiration Moodboards

Below are my initial inspiration moodboards that depict Mirus as a brand, he two airline brands Etihad and Qatar, automotive interior design and tessellation. I will use these as a starting point and will refer back to them throughout my

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BA2b: Human traficking

Having researched into the Liberation Kilt Company, I decided to look into different forms of human trafficking. I did this to understand different forms that other people many not consider to be forms or know of. From researching, I have learnt

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BA2b: Liberation Kilt Company

Researching into the Libiration Kilt company will inform a context to my designs. I found that they "design textiles and wallcoverings symbolising progressive social causes. By literally weaving these issues into the fabric of everyday life, we hope

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BA2bFire-resistant textiles

In researching the development in fire resistant textiles for my British Airways project, I discovered that "One of the tragedies of the early space program was a fire that occurred in an Apollo module causing the deaths of three astronauts. On

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Ba2b: Finding shapes within air travel

Being a frequent long-haul flyer myself, I often find myself inspired by the shapes and patterns that come with air travel. Thinking about my many flight experiences, I wanted to develop a collection of photos that capture these formations. Below

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© Molly Brown is a BA Textile and Surface Design Student at Norwich University of the Arts