The design for the Crossrail Aero trains by Jonathan Sothcott. It incorporated a very 80s broken-up design that had the feel of graffiti

The art deco design of 1972, used on the Jubilee and Bakerloo lines
The arresting Yellow Pages design that adorned a Circle Line carriage from 1995 to 2001

This moquette was used to retrim the 1938-stock tube trains when they were given an EHO (extra heavy overhaul) in 1977

The classic tartan design for the Routemaster bus which hit the streets in 1959. The ‘Sung yellow’ anticipated the colour that years of top-deck smoking would bring about anyway

A lozenge moquette seat design commissioned for the Underground Electric Railways Company circa 1913. Being similar to the colour of dried mud, it would not easily show dirt and had a small repeat, meaning it could be patched easily

This fossil or trilobite design can be seen at the London Transport Museum in one of the compartments of the 1900 Metropolitan bogie stock carriage
This colourful design was employed on the trains of the Jubilee line extension, to contrast against the greyness of the concrete and steel

The noughts and crosses of the Victoria line – hence the amount of blue

The 2010 design for S7 and S8 trains of the District, Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines. The colours echo those of liquorice allsorts

The diamonds of the Metropolitan line are laid out on a background magenta, the colour of the line on a tube map

The seat design for a QI class trolleybus, 1960. A wild, abstract moquette in pink and at least two shades of green