Mirus is an independent applied technology business based in Norfolk, UK. Founded in 2015 by Phil Hall and Ben McGuire, Mirus brings together technologies, expertise and best practices from Formula 1, automotive and aerospace sectors. Mirus is committed to delivering innovative, high-performance products and redefining value in aircraft seating.


The Hawk is the launch platform by Mirus Aircraft Seating. Incorporating unique patented technologies and best practices learned from next-generation R&D programmes, the Hawk platform is a stylish, lightweight economy seat which is optimised for higher density cabins (pitch of 28” and greater).


Mirus is a high performance business that combines Formula 1 applied technology with automotive production techniques. We are committed to redefining value through delivering superior products, more quickly and more reliably. Deploying state of the art processes, technologies and methodologies, we like to do things differently.

  • Superior, high-performance products
  • Reduced development and delivery times
  • Optimised to significantly lower total cost of ownership
  • Industrial reliability and repeatability
  • A focus on exceptional customer support (MirusCare)
  • Modular products and a flexible approach


Our initial focus is aircraft seating where we have redefined expectations and achieved things previously thought impossible. Within just 4 years we have sold >120,000 Hawk economy seats to a range of airlines ranging from flag carriers and LCCs.


We bring real and measured innovation into aircraft seating. Our expertise in dynamic, fast-moving industries has taught us the necessity to never stand still, to constantly innovate to keep ahead.

We understand the aerospace industry and adopt a revolutionary approach to deliver products that suit the requirements of operators today. We use our expertise to redefine value within aircraft seating, delivering high performance, stylish products reliably and without compromise.


In 2015, we set out on a journey to make great aircraft seats, but we always knew that we had to first create a place that was designed to foster that greatness.

Mirus is a place where talented individuals are empowered to put their very best work into our products, and ultimately into the aircraft that transport millions of people around the world every year, with little in their way. Mirus is on a mission to revolutionise the world of aircraft seating. We are young and vibrant organisation that has recruited experts from a number of industries to encourage a culture of shared knowledge, best practice and innovation. We want to do things differently. Find out a little more about our team.


Mirus adopts best practices from Formula 1, automotive and the aerospace industries to deliver true performance.

Agility. Innovation. Creativity.

Our approach to engineering focuses upon agility, innovation and creativity. It is in our DNA to push boundaries, innovate and work together with our customers. Formula 1 is characterised through perpetual evolution and frequent revolution, necessitating the need to constantly innovate to keep ahead. Our expertise in structural optimisation and material technology ensures lightweight, durable seats, whilst shortened lead times enable unrivalled speed to market.


Robust. Reliable. Repeatable.

Our production system is state of the art and intertwined with a ground up approach to quality systems and supply chain management. Our fully integrated, state-of-the-art facility ensures industrial reliability, speed and scalability. Our primary location is a 3,500m2 integrated engineering, production and assembly facility located in Norfolk, UK that has a manufacturing capacity of 60,000 PAX per annum.

Committed to quality

We use automotive quality assurance tools tailored to aerospace specific requirements to ensure quality. We employ the latest automated process control technology, as used by leading OEM’s, to ensure error-proofing, repeatability and elimination of waste. All of our seats are made in the UK, 85% of our current supply chain is in the UK, with the remainder in Europe and the US.

Speed to market

Mirus is committed to delivering seats quickly. For standard seats, our lead time is 10-12 weeks (assuming no modification is required). We also offer a fast-track dispatch service where we hold a limited number of seats as stock. These are available immediately.

Mirus has sold >120,000 seats to date